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Online learning provides a means for students to continue, expand or enhance their education. Online learning offers students the ability to engage in opportunities to which they might not otherwise have access, for example, taking a class not offered at their local school or creating a more flexible schedule. Minnesota public school students have the choice of enrolling in full-time or supplemental (taken in place of a course period during the regular school day). To read the complete Online Learning Option Act, access the link to the Revisor's Office under related links.

Curriculum and Educational Programs

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Although on-time graduation is the most desirable outcome for high school students, late graduation is significantly, quantifiably better than no graduation at all, according to a new study released this week by the Center for Public Education. The report found that "the extra work late graduates and their schools put in toward earning a high school diploma pays off in every aspect of life." Click to continue:

Our Judy Kuczynski's interview on Fox29 News about bullying, May 18, 2010


Please note - We are an international school, but our standards are based on academic standards from many states in the U.S.  We will be listing articles of interests from these states for future reference.

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