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Accreditation is a voluntary process. While an unaccredited provider may provide worthwhile courses (particularly if a degree is not important to you), you don't have the assurance of this external review. Beware of statements that accreditation doesn't matter.

To become accredited, institutions and programs must demonstrate that they meet standards established by the accrediting agency. There are two types of accrediting agencies:

institutional accrediting agencies that establish standards for the entire schoolspecialized accrediting agencies that establish standards for programs in specific fields of study, such as nursing or engineering.  Minnesota Office of Higher Education - (

Accreditation of primary and secondary education

Main article: Pre-tertiary-education accreditation
In the United States, there is no federal government list of recognized accreditation agencies for primary and secondary schools like there is for higher education.[citation needed] Public schools must adhere to criteria set by the state governments, and there is wide variation among the individual states in the requirements applied to non-public primary and secondary schools.[6] There are six regional accreditors in the United States that have historically accredited elementary schools, junior high schools, middle schools, high schools, as well as institutions of higher education.[7] Some of the regional accreditors, such as AdvancED, and some independent associations, such as the Association of Christian Schools International, have expanded their accreditation activity to include schools outside of the United States.[8][

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