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About us:

Christina International High School is a private, virtual (online) school offering middle, high school, and adult programs. Founded by educators, academics and internet technology professionals with over 90 years of combined administrative and teaching experience in online and distance based education, CIHS provides non-traditional education to all students including complete curriculums that lead to a diploma and graduation. Students in need of credit recovery, a single course, or those hard-to-find Advanced Placement (AP) classes will find our online environment with its anytime and anyplace feature an ideal way to learn from home.

CIHS is designed to fully leverage the power of the Internet to combine the academic continuity and personal interaction associated with traditional brick-and-mortar schools with the flexibility, safety and depth of a virtual learning environment. There is no typical CIHS student! CIHS is designed to provide unique and challenging academic solutions to diverse student situations, anywhere in the world there is internet access.

Christina International High School's namesake is from a vibrant young woman who left the world too soon. As a young student, she sought out alternative schooling options in time when the Internet was still in its infancy and online learning was not yet an option. At CIHS, we provide our students with the realization of the promise a virtual education offers in enabling one to achieve their potential. We at CIHS believe the power of distance based education is that it can be a gateway to your dreams, and we want your road to success to be a continuation of Christina's legacy.



CIHS is an education solution for a diverse student body with diverse academic needs. CIHS provides standard middle school and advanced high school diplomas, credit recovery and ESL programs as well as advanced placement programs. CIHS graduates are able to be competitive in future studies, whether they are at the university, junior college or technical school levels. Even after receiving diplomas, CIHS is not done with our students! We provide additional learning opportunities including ACT/SAT test preparation, career path counseling, adult continuing education and follow-on training guidance. At CIHS, we provide our students with:

· Leading Edge Web-Based Academics

· Widely Accepted and Accredited Curricula that meets State Academic Standards

· Personalized Education Plans to meet Unique Student Needs

· Responsive Student-Teacher Interaction in a Virtual Environment

· Dedicated and Experienced Staff that is Always Available to Work with You

· Dedicated and Experienced Online Educators

· Secure, Robust, Yet Readily Accessible, Web-Based Interface


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· We are Green. CIHS, due to its online nature, is inherently eco-conscious. At CIHS, we follow green business practices that include paperless record keeping; the use of e-books rather than textbooks whenever possible; and electronic online assignment submissions and grading. By attending CIHS online, students and parents save money by reducing fuel costs; not to mention reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions.

· We are not limited by geography. One advantage of the Internet is convenience.

. We are with you anytime, anywhere, and any place that there is Internet access.

· We are not limited by geography. One advantage of the Internet is convenience. We are with you anytime, anywhere there is Internet access.

· We are not a charter school. We provide equal access to students all across the United States as well as across the globe.

· We use challenging, interactive and widely accepted curricula that is in use by school districts across the country.

. We will work with you to ensure your diploma or transcript is accepted, particularly where you need it the most.

· You are not a number! - CIHS is not a diploma mill. We treat every student and their unique academic needs individually and can custom tailor our program to meet your learning style-whether your needs are to attend a vocational school or getting into the college of your choice.

· We are a stand-alone High School and Middle School. We provide complete academic programs from the 6th to 12th grades including graduation.

· We are Home School "Friendly" and our counseling staff is experienced working with parents in planning for one course or a complete curriculum. We can also assist you in assembling individualized transcripts.

· We can supplement or augment your current academic situation. Perhaps you transferred to a new school and are missing a few critical credits or you are a high performing student whose district doesn't offer the AP courses you need to get into the college or school you want-either way CIHS has you covered.

· We speak your language. We offer courses in ESL (Spanish and English).

· We are "Military Family Friendly." Many of our staff and counselors are prior military and are experienced working with high school and college admissions counselors. We know the complications associated with duty assignment transfers and overseas travel and CIHS is adept at navigating many of the steps military dependants experience when matriculating through multiple schools. Our "No Wait/Start Now" policy keeps students engaged before, during, and after the move- all online.

· We offer open enrollment and provide courses that are self-paced to fit any busy schedule. Our block scheduling and individualized curriculum planning process maximizes participation to ensure course and program completion.

. We have educators with extensive classroom and online teaching experience in middle school, high school and adult education. All of our teaching-staff hold college degrees and are licensed, many in multiple states! Our educational partner is Edgenuity/Education2020.

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Judith M. Kuczynski - Chief of Academics and Counseling

Ms. Kuczynski has a bachelor's degree in nursing and Master of Science degree in professional counseling. She is a professional member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). In addition, Ms. Kuczynski has been the Counseling Services Director for an online high school building the position from the ground up. Ms. Kuczynski is also an instructor for college online psychology, anatomy, medical terminology, and health care law and ethics instructor.

Ms. Kuczynski is President of Bully Police USA, a non-profit watchdog organization reporting on state anti-bullying laws and advocating for bullied children. She is also co-founder and Vice President of Power of One Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization studying the problem of relational aggression and bullying in schools. She is a national consultant to middle and high school parents, teachers, and school administrators throughout the United States who want to implement solutions and advocate for their children. Ms. Kuczynski is a contributing author to Bullyside in America and she is currently working on the development of a course for teachers and counselors on the subject of school bullying.

Dalal M. Ahmad - Chief Technical Officer/Online Coordinator

In 1981 Ms. Ahmad joined the United States Navy, where she earned her Data Processing rate. Ms. Ahmad applied the skills and training received in the military to the civilian world and in June of 1992 was hired by the Transportation Communications Union to teach keyboarding at the Los Angeles Job Corps Center. This led Ms. Ahmad to a position at the Job Corps Center in Minnesota, where she taught keyboarding, data entry, and constructed and ran the media lab. In 1998, Ms. Ahmad enrolled in the MCSE courses at New Horizons Computer Training Centers. This career enhancing decision, led to a teaching opportunity in technology with the Minnesota School of Business working as an instructor in the IT networking program. During her tenure she became the evening student services coordinator responsible for tracking courses for students and registering new students into the evening school. Ms. Ahmad was the first instructor to launch an IT- related course in the online program and later promoted to the position of distance learning coordinator. As the distance learning coordinator, she was responsible for creating course shells, entering students into the online LMS, orientation of new online students and assisted with instructor training for the online program.

Kateri A. Lukkes - Chief of Student Admissions and Records/Registrar

Ms. Lukkes brings over nine years of customer service experience to CIHS. She has worked as office manager for an Internet based marketing company in the mortgage industry. Most recently she spent the last two years working at Excel High School as Registrar. There she defined the role as Registrar by implementing policies and procedures needed for the processing of students and keeping records. Ms. Lukkes's knowledge in this area gives her organizational skills that are essential for managing student records and other academic data. Her one-on-one relationship with each student provides the best service possible and the individualized attention each student deserves in an online learning environment.

Kenneth L. Kuczynski - Board Chairman

Mr. Kuczynski has over thirty years of experience in instructional design and educational administration. For the past eleven years he has worked in the area of distance education focusing on the design of asynchronous and synchronous technology delivered e-Learning courseware. Most recently, Mr. Kuczynski served as the director for online distance education at both the college and high school levels; successfully building both programs as startup initiatives to profitability in less than three years. Mr. Kuczynski has a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is in the process of completing his PhD dissertation in instructional design for online distance education through Capella University. He is working closely with Oxford University in the United Kingdom in a joint distance education research project.



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